A mother’s quest to find her missing daughter takes her to the underworld of Berlin, and into the arms of the last man who saw her daughter alive.
A gig-theatre production by Pecho Mama, Divine Intervention is the story of two broken people and their search for salvation.

Divine Intervention was an R&D performance shared at Ovalhouse in March 2019.

Written & Directed by Mella Faye



Sound design: Simon Booth

Performers: Mella Faye, Sam Cox, Alex Stanford, Charlie Suff, Severine Simone

Collaborators: Philip Halmarack, Sam Halmarack, Katie Cooper, Paul Gammon, Sue Dawson, Madelaine Moore, Tanya Stephenson, Chloe Cattin, Martina Shwarz, Simon Christian, Maria Gebhardt, Kai Gene