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"Mella Faye is one of the most exceptional directors I have had the pleasure of working with. Her energy and ideas are in abundance. When devising she will nurture your suggestions and encourage you to fully step into the possibilities. She encourages actors to leave their comfort zone, but always with positive reinforcement and reassurance. Our show would not have been the 5 star success it was without her eye for detail and dramaturgical expertise. I only hope I get the opportunity to work with her again in the future."

Donna Gray
Actor and Creator of Pamela's Palace

"Mella is an experienced and explorative director, and is hugely adaptable to both the project and the needs of her actors, crew, participants and audiences. She creates a relaxed environment in which all parties are able to bring their best to the table whilst maintaining a very high quality end result. On top of this inate ability to work with humans, Mella is also extremely proficient and self reliant, making every project a breeze for the organisation."

Joe Flavin
Artistic Director, The Core at Corby Cube

"Medea Electronica was a five-star hit - drawing breathless responses from audiences, critics and industry alike. The show was a revelation -  an extremely well-conceived combination of electronic music and a contemporary adaptation of Medea that totally floored me and the rest of the Pleasance team. Their theatre language and aesthetic appeal is completely unique but their storytelling is universal."

Nic Connaughton
Head of Theatre, Pleasance Theatre Trust

"Mella is a joy to work with. She somehow manages to draw the best out of you, with the least effort. There are always moments in the creative process of making a show where, as an actor, you will feel exposed and vulnerable.  Mella somehow manages to make these moments fun, but also uses her insight to transform your performance through that vulnerability. She really sees you. And that’s gold dust."

Oliver Harrison
Actor and Founder of OH! Productions

"We are so happy with our experience with Pecho Mama, their great attitude, professionalism as well as being wonderful artists."

Pamela Alderson
Artistic Chief, Teatro Britanico, Peru

"It’s been brilliant having Mella on board as dramaturg and co-director for my current project Songs of Belonging. Mella brings with her a whole wealth of experience in theatre, storytelling and narrative. Her approach is precise, responsive and energising, with an amazing ability to identify moments of potential and create space for ideas to come to life."

Emily Levy
Composer and Performer

"Pecho Mama’s Medea Electronica was a great success at Ovalhouse. The production is one of the most exciting and distinctive plays we presented this season, with a brilliant response from our audience."

Owen Calvert-Lyons
Head of Theatre, Ovalhouse


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