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2016 – Present

Pecho Mama are a band and a theatre company. Their debut production, Medea Electronica, is a wild and imaginative retelling of the ancient Greek tragedy, set in the technological turbulence of 1980’s England.

With the discovery of her husband’s deceit and betrayal, Medea is driven to embark on a journey of savage revenge and destruction.

This intense drama plays out amidst an electrifying live gig; an all original mash up of contemporary Electronica and 80’s inspired progressive rock.

★★★★★ 'perhaps the most stunning and unique adaptation of the classic tale I have ever seen.'
Broadway Baby (read full review)

★★★★★ 'a powerhouse performance from Faye'
Please Mind the Blog (read full review)

★★★★★ 'To put it simply, Medea Electronica is the kind of show I wish I saw more of. It's expertly crafted, performed to the highest standards, thematically fearless, smart as hell and cool as f***. I can't recommend it enough.'
London City Nights (read full review)

★★★★★ ‘...every instant packed with intensity, power and rawness. Medea Electronica is all about putting on a show... and it's superb..’ 

Stage Talk (read full review)

Performance & Music by PECHO MAMA

Directed by Mella Faye

Voice Cast:

Jason East – Toby Park

Michael East – Reece Pockney

Peter East – Stanley Warbrick

Mrs Cranston – Emma Edwards

Simon Williams – George Williams

Daniel Glauce – Oliver Harrison

Script –  Mella Faye

Sound Design – Simon Booth

Set Design – Mella Faye

Lighting Design – Jack Weir, Simon Booth & Mella Faye

Costume – Marie Kirkby


Medea Electronica toured in 2019 to
The Pleasance, Islington / The Civic, Barnsley /

Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton / Lakeside Theatre, Colchester / Teatro Britanico, Lima / Luton Library Theatre / The Pleasance, Edinburgh

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